How to Get 12 Hours of College Credit in 90 Minutes

My title got your attention, eh? Good. It should. No matter how great of a college student you may be, chances are you want to get out of school as soon as possible. School is tough, expensive, and time consuming. It’s logical to want out in the shortest amount of time possible. Lucky for you, you can bypass a full 12 hours of learning just by taking one 90 minute CLEP test. Don’t believe me? Let me explain…

How CLEP Tests Work

CLEP tests are exams issued by the College Board in order to allow students a chance to earn college credit without actually taking college courses. If you know a lot about a subject to the point that you would pass a class on it right now, you can take a test to get you out of a full semester or more of learning. There are over 30 CLEP tests available, so surely you can find something that will provide you with college credit if you study enough.

What’s This 12 Hours in 90 Minutes Business?

For those of you that skipped right to this section, please read the one above. It explains the idea I’m about to elaborate on. Most CLEP tests only offer three to four hours of college credit because of the classes they reflect. English, math, and other basic courses are only three to four credit hours, so the tests that correspond to them only offer that amount of credit hours. Foreign language courses, on the other hand, are usually five credit hours or more because of the intense learning they require.

When you take a foreign language CLEP test, like French, German, or Spanish, you have the potential to earn up to 12 credit hours if you pass. The tests are only 90 minutes max, so you could actually get 12 hours of college credit in 90 minutes. See, I wasn’t “joshing” you.

Benefits of Taking Foreign Language CLEP Tests

Most online degree programs nowadays require students to take at least two semesters of a foreign language class to graduate. With a language class being five credit hours and a passing test score covering twelve credit hours, you could actually bypass all of your foreign language education just by taking this 90 minute exam. This may be the best 90 minutes you’ve ever spent, aside from the time you watched your first Paul Rudd movie. Sigh, I adore him. Anyway…

CLEP tests cost much less than tuition will for a college class, so you can save money by taking an exam like this. You will also get a chance to shorten your degree program because you will shave off the time you would have spent in class. If you take other tests aside from the language ones, you could actually drop a full year off your degree program through CLEP tests alone. The newfound freedom will speak for itself.

If you already speak a foreign language, a CLEP test may be your gateway to free college credit. Why not earn a reward for being bilingual? You can’t help the fact that you’re awesome like that. All you have to do is look for the test you would logically pass and take it. The process is that simple.

Now that you know how to get 12 college credit hours in 90 minutes, spread the word. Taking one of these tests could allow you to get out of taking a course you might hate, and it will help you move on with your degree program. You’ll see the benefits soon enough.

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